Social Storytelling; A Web Series

You remember the “Data tells the Story” video? It’s actually part of a much larger series of 10 episodes that we’re just finishing up at AboutFace Media¬†entitled Social Storytellers. In the coming months I’ll be promoting some of the videos online just like we do for our clients in an effort to create awareness and maybe even generate some leads. Check them out below.

Episode 1: Creating Branded Web Content

Episode 2: Promoting Your Video Online

Episode 3: Global Video Production

Episode 4: The Documentary Video Marketing Production Process

Episode 5: Video Marketing in Restricted Spaces

Episode 6: Content Marketing Event Speaker; Denise McKee

Episode 7: Documentary Video Editing

Episode 8: Creating Storytelling Based Content

Episode 9: Great Stories in 2 Minutes or Less

Episode 10: Video Content for Social Media

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  1. will says:

    mate do you have a twitter?

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